FREE Tips to Get Your Broward Home Sold Faster and For More Money #6 Disclosure Statements


Seller’s Real Property Disclosure

Condominium Disclosure

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

So you’re getting ready to sell your house? Wait! Where are all your disclosure statements? Hi, this is Natasha Burkett with Natasha Burkett Homes with tip six of the seven essentials to getting your home sold faster and for more money. You want to make sure you have all disclosures on hand prior to going on the MLS. Seller property disclosure statement, lead-based paint disclosure pre-1978 statement, and your homeowner condominium associations docs. There’s a lot more forms than these. These are just a few. This is important because it saves you time and money, there’s less chance of buyer remorse or fallout, and it also keeps away buyers who may have problems with any disclosed items. This is Natasha Burkett, and as always, let’s make it a great home selling and buying day.

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