Get Your Home Staged: Tips for Selling Your Home Faster and For More Money

Do you want to get your home sold faster and for more money?

Hi, this is Natasha Burkett with Natasha Burkett Homes. And today I’m gonna talk to you about why staging your home is so important. Today I’m with Bridget King from Captiva Design

Thank you, Natasha, for having me. I’m so excited to talk to you about home staging and how to market your listings.

So Bridget, tell me, what is home staging?

Well, home staging will prepare your home the right way for top dollar resale. And what we do as a home stager is come into the house and we do a full walkthrough with the client. And then we provide a detailed written report that will tell your client how to prepare their home before the listing pictures are added to the MLS.

So tell me, what is the benefit of using Captiva Designs and getting your [inaudible 00:00:50] home staged?

There are so many benefits. And I’m gonna share with you just a few of the top three. And number one is declutter. I find all the time that people just accumulate stuff. And we love our children, but we have to pair things down when selling a home. Remember, buyers only know what they see, not what it’s going to be. So setting the expectation, showing the livability of the space, and defining the space to say, “Okay, I can see where my dining table for six will fit. I can see where I can fit a king size bed as opposed to a queen size bed.” So de-staging the clutter, showing the livability of the space. Another really important one is neutralizing. Yes. Some of those strong colors that you have in your home, they may be appealing to your personal taste, but remember, we want to attract many buyers of all types and we want to neutralize the space to make the place look bigger. Because remember, you’re selling your space, not your things.

What are the cost involved in home staging?

Yes, so there’s two different types of home staging. So we have the occupied home staging. That is for our home owners who are living in the home while trying to sell the home. So therefore, a home stager would come in and again do a walkthrough or a property preview of your home and then make recommendations of things that need to be done before the MLS photos are taken. Really, really important here people. Because remember, buyers are going to the internet to look at homes before they even decide that they want to schedule an appointment to preview your home. So it’s important that we make sure that the home is showing in its best format and it looks great on the internet.

Also, another key important factor when selling your home is curb appeal. Yes. It starts from the moment they drive up into your driveway. So another tip I like to tell people is all of the dead palm fronds [inaudible 00:03:02] from your beautiful palm trees, clean them up. A little fresh mulch goes a long way. And also a few flowers just to add some warmth and some color to your entrance will really make a difference.

Well, thank you so much, Bridget. And one of the things that I’ve also heard is just by staging your home alone inside and out, you can actually increase the home value by about 6%. So let’s say you have a $300,000 home. I mean, you just do the math. You’re looking an upwards of maybe you could sell your home for about $18,000 more. Wouldn’t you agree?

I would agree. And another thing that if the client is interested in investing a little bit more money into the home, I would say the kitchens and the bathrooms are critical. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Remember, people live in the family room, because of the TV, entertainment, and also in the kitchen. It’s nice to be able to sit down at the countertop, see your kids do their homework while you cook and prepare their meals. So invest in your kitchens and bathrooms. If you don’t have the money to do a major remodel, paint is your best friend when selling your home. It’s the easiest and quickest way to update a home without major expenses. Another tip for the kitchens and the bathrooms, new door knobs.

Oh, wow.

New faucet.


And those are pretty inexpensive upgrades.

Very cost friendly. Lowe’s, Home Depot. You can always find areas in these retail stores where you can buy things to refresh your home at minimal cost and get maximum return.

And that’s what it’s all about. You want to get your home sold faster and you want to get your home sold for the most amount of money. Now, Bridget, my last question for you is that if somebody wanted to reach out to you, what is the … How do we find Captiva Designs?

We are South Florida’s premier interior decorating and home staging company based here in Fort Lauderdale. We cover the tri county area. From the beautiful Palm Beaches, Broward County, and right down Miami-Dade County to help you and to assist you in preparing your home the right way for top dollar resale. You can also visit us on the web at Captiva, C-A-P-T-I-V-A, And of course, reach us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Houzz. We are all over social media. And you’d be surprised to see how effective if you just take a few hours out of your busy schedule and prepare your home the right way, I guarantee you will see the results.

You are absolutely right. This is Natasha Burkett with Natasha Burkett Homes along with Bridget King with Captiva Designs. And as always, let’s make it a great home selling and home buying day.

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