Tips to Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money


Do you think getting a home inspection before you put your house on the market will help you make more money and sell your Broward County home faster and for more money?

Get A Professional Home Inspection

Get a professional home inspection, roof inspection and termite inspection before putting home on the market will help you sell your Broward County home faster and for more money. You want to make sure you fix any health and safety issues prior to going on the market. You will know what’s wrong, you will also know what items need to be fixed, and have the option to fix them prior to listing your home. Any big ticket items, it’s better to know in advance. This takes repair costs into account for your bottom line. You will avoid having to fix issues that are truly not issues. Getting your home inspected also shows that you are transparent, and you have nothing to hide. It lets you know what types of loan you can accept, and the consequences.

Get Your Home Appraised by a Licensed, Local Appraiser Who Knows the Area

This takes the guesswork out of pricing. It ensures proper negotiations are made up front regarding the price and terms in the contract should the home appraise for higher or lower than the agreed-upon contract price. You will also know how much the bank will loan. A home appraisal assures you don’t overprice or underprice your home. Remember, Zestimate is not accurate. It’s an algorithm and does not take into consideration upgrades, views, lot size, location, age, etc. Will getting your home staged help you sell your home faster and for more money? Hi, this is Natasha Burkett with Natasha Burkett Homes.

Stage Your Home, or Do Semi-Staging, Both Inside and Outside

Your home will sell faster and for more money, on average 6%, so you could get about $18,000 more for that $300,000 home. Buyers can see themselves living in the home, since you’re showcasing its best features and depersonalizing. For vacant property, virtual staging is also an option at a fraction of the cost. The most bang for your buck will be in the carpets and paint. Don’t forget to stage the outside. Plants and flowers can really help with curb appeal.

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